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Hello everyone….

((I bet you are all wondering as to why I have been offline for such a long time….and I believe you guys deserve to know the answer since I consider you all friends of mine…there are a few reasons as to why though…so I’ll start by listing them off.

1) This week has been hell for me and school work. There hasn’t been a single night where I haven’t stayed up till 1AM or later finishing homework. 

2) The nights I don’t have homework…I go to bed early due to the fatigue. I have a medical condition with drowsiness and dizzyness…so that’s another reason…and finally…

3) Yesterday night….I confessed to someone I have had a crush on for about a year…after the fact finding out that they are with someone else who they had a crush on them for about two years….so basically….I am IRL Bolin at the moment. Finding out the person you have a crush on…and you finally get the courage to tell them…then it doesn’t work out…it kind of leaves you empty inside. So….now for the conclusion…

I will not be online for a little longer. I just feel like I need some more time alone, and if I did rp with you guys…it would be a very depressed Bolin…and I know that none of you would want that.

I’m sorry for taking so long to rp and get back to my asks and threads. Hopefully I will talk to you all next week. This weekend I am going with my parents for a football game for my college…and I won’t be online. I hope you all are doing okay.I better get to bed since I have class tomorrow morning. I’ll see you all later.))

((Time for bed~))

((I’m….so…tired….I think I’m going to call it a night guys. I promise to come back tomorrow and rp with like….EVERYONE!!! ~thinks about it more and looks at the 88 followers that she has~ Well….I’ll try. Lol!

Btw…thank you guys who started following me today! I hope you all enjoy my Bolin! Feel free to send me a starter in my ask or a url to a starter that you wrote up. I am really bad with keeping up with everyone, and sending stuff to my ask box is the best way to get me to respond.

I have Long Feng’s, ayzelachy, and Luce’s ask for tomorrow. My rp partner, Korra, is responding to our two threads we have going on, and I need to reply to Kiara’s thread. That is what I have so far, or at least what I can remember. If I missed anyone, please send an ask. I promise to get to you soon. Love you all dearly~ And now Bolin will close us both out with giving you all goodnight adorableness!!!))

"You know I’m still a little mad about the whole picture thing…but…I wouldn’t want to leave anyone here without giving them a proper goodnight!"

Grabbing Pabu, Bolin waved to everyone online, “Goodnight guys! See you all tomorrow when Mari wakes up!”

((That is if I wake up. I mean…who would want to get out of bed when you have this in it? ~points to picture once again~))

((I mean…really….I would never leave!))

"And that is why I am still single…~sighs~ again with the picture Mari? Really? Why do you do this?!"

((Because everyone needs to know how amazingly gorgeous you are! Awake….and asleep! Hehe~ That’s it for today guys! Night~))




[[#my body is ready! XD]]

((Your’s isn’t the only one…I mean….LOOK AT THAT BODY!!! “GIRL….LOOK AT THAT BODY!!!!” He….works….out!))

[[I can honestly say I never thought I’d like a male Earthbender until Bolin was born. Toph was the only one I really liked and Bomi was, well, Bomi XD. ]]

((Both of those Bending Brothers are just….UNF!))

Bolin and Mako just stare at the two crazy fangirls, “Bro…this…this is getting a little…”

"I know Bo…just…stay down…and maybe they won’t find us."




[[THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE. “my duty to protect her even though she doesn’t need protecting. GOOD ON YOU, SIR! -pops on monocle and walks away-]]

((I know I’m amazing~ And this gif is perfect for my response~))

[[What are you doing posting a picture of yourself! I thought we were going to be all mysterious and incognito?!]]

((HAH! You fell for my trap! This is not my real form…for my real form is actually…

Didn’t see that one comin….did ya?))

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